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SharePoint 2013 Assembly: ProjectPointInc.MultiAuthRedirect
SharePoint 2016 Assembly: ProjectPointInc.MultiAuthRedirect2016
Description: SharePoint Auto Authentication Selector
Author: Jonathan Dick
Date: 7/3/2014

Deployment Instructions
1. Log in to a SharePoint server in your farm as a SharePoint farm administrator.
2. Copy ProjectPoint.MultiAuthRedirect\ProjectPoint.MultiAuthRedirect\bin\Release\ProjectPoint.MultiAuthRedirect.wsp to c:\ of a sharepoint farm server.
3. Launch the 'SharePoint Management Shell' from the Start menu (run as Administrator)
4. Run the following command from PS prompt:
Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath c:\ProjectPoint.MultiAuthRedirect.wsp
Install-SPSolution -identity ProjectPoint.MultiAuthRedirect.wsp -gacdeployment
5. In Central Administration goto Manage Farm Features - /_admin/ManageFarmFeatures.aspx
6. Activate Feature "MultiAuthRedirect Feature"

Deployment Verification
1. On each sharepoint farm server in windows explorer navigate to \15\TEMPLATE\IDENTITYMODEL\LOGIN
2. Check that there is a backup file default(yyyMMddHHmmss).bak
3. Issue Found: On Multiple server farm...Need to copy the new default.aspx to the other servers

1. Solution configuration page is at Central Administration - Security Settings - Multiple Authentication Providers - ProjectPoint MultiAuthRedirect Settings (/_admin/ProjectPoint.MultiAuthRedirect/MultiAuthRedirectSettings.aspx)

Other Configuration
1. Authentication Provider - In Central Administration, Manage Web Applications, Authentication Providers, Default Zone, Add "ADFS Provider" or "Forms"
2. Search Crawl - ensure the content source is set to the default zone URL
3. Workflow Manager - ensure it is set to the default zone URL

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