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SharePoint with multiple authentication providers in a single default zone?

  • needed for search (NTLM on default zone)
  • needed for OWA / OOS  (on default zone)
  • needed for remote access on same URL as internal (same AAM)
  • ADFS or Forms Authentication and NTLM (multiple authentication providers)
  • F5 or other reverse proxies and load balancers (multiple access points)

Want to remove this default SharePoint Page and automatically redirect to the correct authentication provider based on rules?



Sample Configuration

  • Internal and External Access same URL/same web application
  • External Access through an F5 server (auto-redirect to ADFS provider)
  • Internal  same URL for external ADFS access



Allows for rules based on:

  • Host header content.  Useful for referrer / IP address of reverse proxy server.  Or User Agent of resource.
  • Query String parameter.  Useful for administrators or users to bipass the default authentication provider.

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